Celebrating Oregon’s Immigrant Families

We are proud to share with you this portrait of Isidro Andrade-Tafolla and Renee Selden-Andrade celebrating immigrant families in Oregon.

Immigrants have been in Oregon for generations and are part of the fabric of the state. Like thousands before them, Isidro’s family was drawn to this country because of the promises offered by the story of the American Dream.

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Isidro’s story reminds us how transformational immigration reform can be for families. In 1987, he became a legal permanent resident after President Ronald Reagan signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act. Less than two years later, he was the first member in his family to graduate from high school. And in 1995, while playing semi-pro soccer, the team’s owner paid thousands of dollars in legal fees to help him become a citizen.

For the last two decades, Isidro worked in Washington County’s maintenance department, coached youth soccer and made Oregon his home. Yet, that didn’t prevent him from being surrounded by federal immigration agents who racially profiled him outside the County courthouse in the fall of 2017.OneOR-4x6Sticker-ForPrinter

What happened to Isidro should never happen, yet it could become commonplace in Oregon once again. A Salem-based group with deep ties to the white supremacist network is collecting signatures for Initiative Petition 22, seeking to repeal Oregon’s 1987 Sanctuary Law. This 30-year-old law led to a dramatic reduction in racial profiling because it placed appropriate limits on how local and state police officers can enforce federal immigration policy.

IP 22 is straight out of the white supremacist movement that is trying to divide our country, and stopping this measure is a defining moment for Oregon.

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